progressiveimbalance asked: Bae why you so fresh I love you :*

Aw bae I love you too ho ho cake :>

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So I’m right outside Chicago (I’m here for my brother’s graduation for Navy bootcamp!<3) and I went to Jewel to grab some snacks 
I got myself some local high school apparel. 
lmao I don’t even know what school this is but right on man Blue Devils, woo

I went completely dead for this babe ;)
I hope one day
Your human body
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it’s a sunny
2pm garden with daisies
Thriving because of
Self love. Alexa Evangelista (via knittings)

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I took my girlfriend to an improv show the other night and during intermission we were passionately arguing over whether half a 5 Hour Energy shot would give you 2.5 hours of energy or 5 hours of half-assed energy so we turned around to ask the opinions of the three people behind us and one of them said “Are all your arguments like this because we heard you in the lobby earlier fighting over the right way to pronounce ‘egg’?”

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"i love your art, what program do you use?"


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